Reading and Books

Reading is so important for children of all ages. Amongst the many benefits, reading with children helps them to learn new vocabulary, learn about letters and sounds in words and also to develop a life long love of reading.

Check out these links for some recommendations on books to read with your children,

The Children’s Book Council’s book of the year is a great place to start:
Here are the winners for 2018:

Reading with Babies

Babies usually enjoy  books with good rhythm, rhyme and repetition. They enjoy books with bright colours, or simple black and white high contrast pictures which are easy for them to focus on.  Books with textures they can touch, feel and hear are also great for little ones, as well as books with clear pictures of faces.

The Babycentre website has a great list of books perfect for babies:

Reading with Toddlers

Toddlers also enjoy books with good rhythm, rhyme and repetition.  They have lots of fun with books that they can lift flaps or movable parts. They enjoy books about animals and animal sounds. They will also enjoy books that relate to their own lives such as books about playtime, or bedtime. They will love books about their favourite topics such as fairies, cars, pets, trains, castles or anything else they love.

Reading with Pre-schoolers

Pre-schoolers may enjoy books with simple stories especially ones with rhythm and repetition. They may be interested in books about the alphabet, shapes, numbers and size.  Pre-schoolers enjoy funny books with characters their age that have quirky traits or books where the main characters are silly or “naughty”. Use these opportunities to talk about other ways the child could have solved the problem. They also enjoy books they can relate to about friends and family or about topics they really enjoy like fairies, dinosaurs, football.  Some children this age may even enjoy non-fiction books and learning about space, the ocean, travel or inventions.

These websites have some great lists of books perfect for Pre-schoolers:—recommendations-for-ages-3-5.html

The Ultimate list of preschool books

These lists have recommendations for children of all ages: